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Aramis Ramirez To Take Ground Balls At First Base - RealGM Wiretap
Aramis Ramirez has only fielded third base in his 18 Major League seasons salomon speedcross 3 cs homme noir , but that may change in what could be his final season.

Ramirez will start taking ground balls at first base on Friday. If all goes well, he could field the position for the Pittsburgh Pirates before the end of the season.

"Whatever it takes for us to win, I'm willing to do," Ramirez said.

Ramirez, 37, has appeared in 2,078 games at third base. He also was the designated hitter in 26 games when he played for the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers.

“I don't really know what to expect (at first base),” Ramirez said. “It's not going to be easy, put it that way. Talking with Pedro (Alvarez), I know there's a lot that's different between playing third and first.”

Ramirez's playing time at third will be scaled back when Josh Harrison comes off the disabled list around the end of the month.

Cubs Hire Rob Deer As Assistant Hitting Coach - RealGM Wiretap

The Cubs have hired Rob Deer as their assistant hitting coach.

Deer, who has spent time as a roving hitting instructor for San Diego, hit 230 home runs in 11 major league seasons.

Rays Shift Longoria To Leadoff Spot - RealGM Wiretap The Rays are moving All-Star third baseman Evan Longoria to the top of their lineup. Longoria normally hits third or fourth, but he was in the leadoff spot for Saturday's game against the Indians. The slugger entered Saturday mired in a 4-for-33 slide before getting a pair of hits in his first two at-bats, including a solo homer in the third inning. Longoria said manager Joe Maddon told him to "get back having fun playing the game and this is a way to do it." "I need to find some way to get back into the swing of things salomon xt hawk noir ," Longoria said before the game. "This is about getting confidence back at this point and just finding a way to get it done. Eventually I'm going to hit, and hopefully it's sooner than later." ? I also read yesterday that one in five Americans aged 18-34 is obese! Yes, I have noticed the spread widening on Americans as we sidle up to yet our next buffet or super-sized fast food meal. I personally was in the Las Vegas audience last week when Karl Rove could hardly contain his chortling as he belittled the obesity epidemic we have in America. His slick one-liners rolled easily off his tongue mocking the attention and funds that President Obama's stimulus plan allots to addressing one of America's costliest and most debilitating ills. It surely didn't surprise me that Karl apparently doesn't care that this generation is the first that is scheduled to live less years than their parents, principally because of obesity. I say arrest this obesity epidemic now, and yes, earmark funds for public awareness programs and treatments. We need to lead by example, as adults and as a nation. We do want our bodies to last as long as our hearts keep pumping, and we do hope to remain vibrant in our golden years. We do want to be able to move with, and play with, our grandchildren or nieces and nephews. There is hope! The TV blockbuster, Biggest Losers is key evidence that with personal will power and the support of others we can win the fight against obesity. We Can Do It Women! and men too, of course. Apparently the State of New York heard me and others calling for a healthy America, in recently instituting an obesity tax on certain sugared soft drinks. Even the military is weighted down with ineffectiveness these days, rendering our very national security more vulnerable. The number of service people diagnosed as obese has more than doubled since the 2003 invasion of Baghdad chaussure salomon snowcross , Iraq. At the end of the day, we are talking about a slippery slope with regard to so much of America's and the globe's appetite, greed, addiction andor depression. I listened to a reformed, yet once-convicted securities representative give an ethics lecture last Friday. He carefully explained that he went step-by-step deeper into oblivion believing he would give only this one kickback; and then never again. Further, how he never figured he'd get caught. His was an addictive game of greed and egotism. He admitted that the beloved women in his life-both his mother and his wife-warned him of his errant ways, yet he willfully broke their hearts, as well as that of his young sons, by continuing his slide into the grips of greed, eventually losing his family relationships and his possessions, and being imprisoned. Time will tell the full story of Bernie Madoff, and the myriad other Ponzi scheme architects, yet I suspect that decisions became more and more laced with optimism about add-water-and-stir wealth. Little attention was paid to the prospect of getting caught. The aire of being above the law permeates a crook's decision making, and in Madoff's case chaussures salomon femme soldes , nary a care about the individual's and foundation's throats he stomped on. For the record, I've never been bankrupt, never committed a felony (or even a misdemeanor) never accepted kickbacks, consistently voted in local and national elections, always worked at least one job (often 2-3) have an exceptional FICO score, great employment history, and haven't cheated employees or family members. Not sure that'll make headlines, nor could I be a wildly successful public speaker in the opinion of some yet I do know right from wrong, and I attempt to live by the Golden Rule. Boring yet beautiful. Simple and proud of it. Values still remain, and a majority of American's still uphold them. The media needs to search out those who would balance out the negative headlines and showcase the many ball players, military, and business people that play by the rules and enjoy a lifestyle befitting them and their laborcontributions. So, hearty congratulations to all my reader.

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