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Уважаемые форумчане!
Перед тем как задать вопрос Доброму Астрологу - ознакомьтесь с темами, содержащимися в самом верху с пометкой "Важно".

Краткое содержание этих тем:
1. Не называйте темы "Гороскоп", а старайтесь в названии кратко изложить суть вашего вопроса.
2. Постарайтесь, чтобы ваш вопрос не был праздным любопытством. К примеру интересных тем - прочтите первые темы форума.
3. Не называйте темы "Вы обо мне забыли?". Никто не забыт - расчет гороскопа занимаем много времени, а желающих все больше и больше. Если вы хотите напомнить о себе, сделайте это в той-же теме, где вы задали вопрос. Так гораздо удобнее.

Для удобства, форум был поделен на три подфорума: Астрология, Нумерология, Магия.
Задавайте вопросы в соответствующих тематических разделах.

PS: Если Ваш вопрос не попадает ни в одну из этих тем, можно оставлять вопросы как и прежде - в этом форуме.

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> О "забывчивости" Доброго Астролога
сообщение Jan 20 2006, 14:22
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Добрый админ

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Уважаемые форумчане!
Расчет гороскопа занимает много времени, и, если вы заметили, количество рассчитываемых гороскопов растет не по дням а по часам. Естественно, что наш Добрый Астролог не может справляться так быстро с этим, но ни о ком не забывает.
Пожалуйста, если все-таки решили напомнить о себе - не создавайте новые темы. Добавляйте сообщения в уже созданные темы с вашими вопросами. Во-первых так легче ориентироваться Астрологу, на какие вопросы и кому отвечать, и во-вторых он видит все новые сообщения, независимо от того, новая ли это тема, или ответ в старой, кроме того это не будет мешать другим форумчанам просматривать остальные темы.

Так-же, перед тем как задать вопрос, рекомендуем прочитать следующий топик:
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сообщение Jun 8 2009, 11:18
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Добрый Админ! Топик не работает (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) !
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сообщение Apr 23 2012, 13:59
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Make Your Personal Conventional Jamaican Nice Potato Pudding

Jamaicans adore their own puddings. Several Jamaican puddings like bread and butter pudding had been inspired with a colonial time past, while others had been the result of the availability regarding components. Puddings in Discovery bay, jamaica are not the same since the gelatin-based puddings since eaten in other countries. Jamaican puddings tend to be heartier like a breads pudding regularity along with a knife is best in cutting the particular pudding. Jamaica has various kinds of puddings and one of the very well-known puddings in Jamaica is the special potato pudding. Nice spud in Discovery bay, jamaica is usually a different variety than the nice potato (or yam) used in US dishes. Additionally , the term sweet potato occasionally used to seek advice from nice spud in america, is really a starchy selection create in Jamaica and is available in different types such as yellowish yam and soft yam. In some Jamaican homes, at home cooks add grated yellow-colored yam towards the pudding mixture for added texture and with the holding realtor.

Typically, Jamaican home cooks roughly grated special spud for making their own puddings. Additionally , coconut milk, which was a primary ingredient in the pudding, additionally intended grating the dried out coconut as well as removing the dairy, through a number of adding drinking water as well as wringing out the ending coconut milk. A lot of Jamaicans remember the mention of the nice potato pudding since 'hell a highly regarded, terrible hemoroidy w ciąży the bottom part, hallelujah inna di middle. ' By tradition, the actual pudding was baked over the coal stove by simply placing kind of nederlander stove (know since dutchie in Jamaica) with a flat cover over the barbeque grill for the fossil fuel packed range. The top from the cover from the dutch pan had been normally full of hot coals, hence the pudding cooked from equally top rated and bottom simultaneously. However , with the advent of stoves, foods processors, blenders and processed coconut dairy, house cooks now have a much simpler work to make their puddings.

Within Jamaica, fairly sweet spud pudding is upon a lot of restaurant delicacy choices or is easily available at nearby bakeries from eateries. Overseas, it may not possible be as easy to buy a cut associated with special potato pudding, but it is rather easy to follow the recipe and make a vintage Jamaican pudding. Many metropolitan areas in america, UK and Canada possess Jamaican or West Indian supermarkets that share the ingredients required to create a conventional Jamaican pudding. Therefore if you feel the hankering to obtain a flavor of Jamaica, go out, obtain the ingredients, and start cooking.

Jamaican Sweet Spud Pudding

one 1/2 lbs roughly grated lovely potato
lb grated yellow yam (omit sweet potato if not offered and use lb more fairly sweet potato)

1 quarter mug brown sugar (or make use of identical amount of Splenda/Stevia)

0.5 cup almost all purpose flour

quarter cup cornmeal (you can leave out the particular cornmeal through adding 1/4 glass more flour)

four cups discontinued coconut dairy (reconstitute coconut dairy powder in the event that needed)

two glass pampre
2 teaspoons grated nutmeg

2 tsp blended liven
3 tsps vanilla

1 teaspoon sodium (adjust since needed)

one tea spoon rechausser
2 tablespoon eau-de-vie or perhaps white-colored rum (optional)


Peel, clean as well as cut potato into small cubes and taking advantage of blender, mix on "grate" option till potato is nearly smooth. Alternatively, you can grate the spud To have the coconut dairy, you are able to grate the coconut, include drinking water, as well as contract out the coconut milk that is formed. Alternatively, you can use canned or reconstituted coconut whole milk Then when the yard do the job is completed, blend all of the dried out components, and include coconut dairy, vanilla, alcohol as well as roughly grated spud and blend very well Mix within pampre as well as dump directly into greased pan as well as dot using bits of the particular rechausser Bake on 375 levels F for around one hour until established as well as mix lifts starts in order to dissove away from the part of the skillet.
Cut into slices and luxuriate in
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сообщение Jun 14 2012, 04:47
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Commercial Real Estate * Writing Tips as well as Tools to succeed in Your current Customers

In relation to the actual advertising activities intended for providing or maybe hiring real estate, it is good to obtain a few set procedures pertaining to copy writing. In this way you may create an email marketing marketing campaign that will hooks up while using suitable target market for your residence in addition to provides one of the most phone calls in your case.

Message or calls these days with regard to house really should be entered into your repository and tracked intended for present-day and long term house wants; the actual collection you make use of right now might be more important than before with producing revenue as well as leases, and producing bookings.

What is Your current Meaning?

Throughout more difficult residence areas, a person's communication along with advertising campaign just has to your workplace with ease. The very first Two or three 2 or 3 weeks on the promotion are usually necessary nieruchomości to generating this enquiry. If you accomplish a person's current market and also mail the appropriate message inside the very first 2 or 3 months, next changes must the actual promotion to acquire back in line. Enquiry will be everything in this specific tougher property or home current market; draw in your enquiry and take care of that effectively and also properly.

Here are some rules to help the marketing and advertising expertise and copy writing involving ads inside business oriented property product sales plus rental. You may get these types of nieruchomości principles as well as set the own type of promotion and also copywriting that's befitting your region plus specialist asset form.

First of all scrutinize the home fully yourself to purchase a authentic feel for the primary providing factors are usually. Acquire pictures in the asset to help you visit again the nieruchomości important thing facts and impressions that a man or woman going to a house would observe. Establish remedies available pictures many essential lead to words and phrases that will greatest correspond with the property.

Make a decision what exactly a person's market will be with the advertising. nieruchomości How big is ones market and the way can you discover their whereabouts? nieruchomości Precisely what marketing marketing methods may reach them the majority of successfully? These options may commute your strategy framework.

Look at what exactly key terms are employed on the web intended for components in your neighborhood. This process is fairly simple utilizing a 'key terms search tool' on a single of the search engines like google.

Consult the 'local' property holders to determine if the home features virtually any background or maybe name which will fit the advertising and marketing from the property. This is particularly applicable in the event the home features a identity or possibly found in the prominent spot.

Make a head line for the home advertising across the total campaign. Precisely the same heading should function in every adverts unless you are gaining some target viewers.

Through your induce words and phrases, create 4 to 5 shorter phrases that can be used while in the advertising and marketing format while 'dot points'. This words must be focused on the requirements the objective market which you determined previously.

Work with photographs as part of your advertising and marketing advertising designs. Whenever possible purchase the pictures completed skillfully in order that they record the graphic on the asset.

Prolonged sentences and also sentences within your adverts are not essential until a gift ought to be stated (advertising are not commonly the spot for doing that anyway). Hold all of copy so that you can basic and quick content. Populate issues are excellent for you to capture the various readers.

A very good ad should pick up the eye from the market; your images you use in addition to headline will most likely make it happen. The actual department of transportation factors regarding options will certainly lengthen the interest.

Have a call to help action within the lower advertisement hence the audience is able to see who seem to to make contact with. Some thing uncomplicated such as, 'Call Brian Henderson right now for Cell phone 023827 to get more detail' is rather powerful.

Stay away from giving too much info from the advertisement the way it will not commonly possibly be thoroughly go through and may even even contrain enquiry. Home people today want the important points without this 'fluff'. Convenience is the guideline right here therefore any further details they gotta have can be found in making the particular get hold of call for your requirements the actual merchant.

One of the keys procedure of copywriting content campaigns will be to produce just enough to come up with fascination and so the target audience could make the phone call. In closing for this subject matter, it truly is outstanding the time a number of agencies decide to use come back a phone call today. Nearly anything through One day is lost company. Grab the get in touch with as it pertains around or come back the phone call inside of Three hours; it is deemed an tolerable period of time to respond to a enquiry. If a get in touch with also comes in past too far in the evening (after 9pm), it really is accurate pleasantness to go back the video call during 8 was the next day.

Real estate ( space ) Copywriting Guidelines plus Equipment to achieve The Audience

In regards to a marketing ads pertaining to marketing or maybe renting commercial real estate, it's good to acquire many arranged policies regarding writing. In this way you may create a marketing strategy this links while using the proper customers with the home plus yields probably the most phone calls for you.

Questions right now intended for property ought to be inked any database plus tracked with regard to current in addition to foreseeable future residence requirements; the repository you make use of nowadays is much more vital than any other time around creating product sales and also renting, and generating results.

What is Your Information?

Around harder home markets, ones communication as well as advertising campaign merely has to function quickly and effectively. The earliest A few weeks in the promotion tend to be essential to creating a enquiry. Folks who wants accomplish your own industry in addition to send the ideal sales message in the first 2 or 3 many days, in that case corrections need to the advertising to receive back to normal. Enquiry is usually all things in this specific harder property or home market place; entice the particular enquiry and handle the item successfully as well as by professionals.

Here are some principles to assist ones promoting skills along with writing connected with advertising throughout private property sales plus renting. You can take most of these nieruchomości regulations as well as set increase own type of marketing and advertising and also copy writing that may be befitting your region and also expert asset form.

Firstly examine the home and property entirely yourself to obtain a authentic feel for just what the major selling things are generally. Bring pics in the house so you're able to visit again one of the keys details plus perceptions a individual visiting a residence would likely find. Build remedies available images some essential set off text in which ideal depend on the home and property.

Choose just what exactly a person's potential audience will probably be for the advertising campaign. nieruchomości How big is ones viewers and how could you see them? nieruchomości Exactly what media channels marketing methods is going to attain all of them a lot of correctly? These kind of options will certainly get your campaign structure.

Check out what keyword phrases are employed on-line pertaining to houses in your town. This technique is actually comparatively effortless utilizing a 'key thoughts seek tool' in one with the search engines like yahoo.

Speak to the 'local' home-owners to ascertain if the home possesses any heritage as well as identity that could match the actual promotion of the property. A lot of the pertinent should the property has a name or is in a new notable position.

Create a topic to use for the home and property advertising along the whole campaign. The same subject really should feature in most advertisements unless you are luring a couple of targeted viewers.

Out of your result in thoughts, make 4 to 5 brief words which they can use inside marketing structure when 'dot points'. Your words really should be devoted to the requirements the marked crowd that you just driven previously.

Make use of photographs with your marketing and advertising advertising and marketing templates. If possible have the pictures completed skillfully so they really capture the graphic in the property or home.

Extended lines and also paragraphs in your advertising are certainly not required until a great gift really needs to be reported (campaigns will not be normally the best place to do this anyhow). Retain almost all backup so that you can simple and easy brief paragraphs. Us dot items are perfect to take someone.

A fantastic advertising will need to take hold of the attention with the potential audience; the actual pictures you use as well as head line will probably achieve that. The particular populate items connected with characteristics will certainly extend a person's eye.

Usually have a try to help actions with the bottom of the advertising and so the target audience could see which to contact. Some thing straightforward similar to, 'Call Mark Jones now upon Telephone 023827 for much more detail' is quite efficient.

Stay away from offering a lot facts inside advert because it will not usually be absolutely understand and can even perhaps stop enquiry. Property individuals want the reality rather than a 'fluff'. Ease may be the procedure right here and so any further fine detail they need can be had to make the particular contact call for you the salesman.

The real key rule with writing adverts is always to generate plenty of to generate desire so the viewer can certainly make the email. A final thought with this theme, it really is amazing how much time quite a few agencies decide to try come back a phone call today. Everything above One day sheds company. Grab the contact when it comes in as well as gain the video call in 3 hours; it is deemed an tolerable timeframe to reply to an enquiry. In case a call up can be purchased in in its final stages at nighttime (just after 9pm), it can be proper pleasantness to come back the phone call with Seven was the next day.
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There are plenty of free of charge hosting websites say they supply website hosting to the web page for nothing. Often they inflict constraints, both amount to over time, and also produce positive changes to free webpages format by displaying ad banners, pop-ups, as well as other sort of marketing. Whenever you seek out cost-free hosting out of search results, you ought to take note that you have in addition lots of professional hosting companies that advertise to present no cost hosting services. Even so, commonly they have the capture, for example shelling out a lot to purchase your own domain name or other assistance. They aren't seriously cost-free actually. Your no cost no cost website hosting tips previously below will advise you how to find excellent free web host and also the what you require to take into consideration if go for it.


Just how do your totally free webhosts earn money?

The free of charge web hosting companies usually earn cash as a result of other ways, including getting pop-ups, banners or another advertising campaign on the no cost webpages. A few will request you to simply click ads throughout their sign-up procedure or maybe in key pad, or merely demonstrate ad banners inside the document administrator web page comfortable you will press their Advertising. Many appeal to guests together with free hosting services in hopes you might improve plus invest in sophisticated attributes. Certain no cost internet hosting suppliers sends you actually e-mails along with promotions linked, or even might market your electronic mail. An additional tactic that is growing to be popular is actually requesting one to write some "quality" publish with community forum. So this particular help them to to generate absolutely free content material and thus to be able to display a lot more advertising.

Are free of charge web hosting companies trusted?

Being familiar with is commonly they're a smaller amount trusted, tension are still exceptions. If your cost-free sponsor can be generating revenue coming from promotions, over the top or some other resources for cash flow completely their particular totally free assistance, then more often than not they'll remain organization. This too bottoms to the presumption no person abuse the internet hosting web server by activities like coughing as well as junk e-mail, which could often be likely to transpires with fresh cost-free variety with additional generous guidelines associated with agreeing to consumers everywhere. Advertising and marketing to settle on an extremely not bothered cost-free coordinator company which only takes superior web-sites.

Exactly who ought to employ no cost web hosting companies?

Free internet hosting is just not ideal for corporations should you not currently have site hosting via a strong ad-free variety. Some other reasons for utilizing no cost website hosting web pages can be to learn the basic expertise of how for you to sponsor your web blog, to make an individual website to present snap shots to the relatives and buddies, to produce a linking website to a new site connected with your own property, or even to test innovative screenplays for different web hosting service surroundings.

Where to get superior absolutely free hosting companies?

A good option to start with is really a high quality no cost service provider directory website : a web site which in turn concentrates on record exclusively totally free hosting. Very good lookup directories will prove to add innovative details and take aged contains every week yet in addition there are sites which will seldom replace, ending almost all of his or her one-way links as well as information tend to be out-of-date. The issue is absolutely free contains modify regularly, it's not necessarily rare this a few only fold up in under a calendar year, making it not easy to keep your free of charge sponsor service up-to-date. A single recommended listing is usually "Free Website Hosting" that includes a thorough number of in excess of Nine hundred free website hosting services having comparisons, user reviews, as well as a retrieveable data source. The directory is important is usually up to date regularly, as well as leading-edge no cost web hosting service seek provides through 45 solutions, helping you to get the cost-free deal with some other functions like Perl, Computer, Mysql database, SSI, Or net, FrontPage remote computer extensions, or even a cpanel.

Additional assets to locate absolutely free hosts incorporate information via giveaways web sites, search engines like yahoo, forums...and many others. Quite a few For further investigation will even accompany absolutely free web hosting service service.

Techniques for finding the right absolutely free hosting provider

One basic principle isn't to choose a complimentary website hosting strategy with more features as compared with you require, and in addition study previous to to ascertain if this company receives profits from the free of charge web host prefer to preserve organization. Mentionened above previously in the past, better make an effort to enroll in a a lot more discerning no cost sponsor if you can. Verify some other web sites managed now there to uncover which advertisements are managing, as well as the hosting server velocity. Look into the Terms of Service plus web host capabilities to ensure your site is provided ample data transfer, satisfactory world wide web place plus quality reduce, or any scripting selections you might need. Consult the cost-free web hosting lookup directories for your ratings and reviews because stated by means of alternative users. If you do not have got your website, you will need a absolutely free Website url sending service so you can make positive changes to number afterwards when needed.

Recommended free webhost

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bmi mezczyzna
Nakladki Wibracyjne

RapidShare jest w calosci portalem tak wielkim jak dzungla, bo udostepnia pliku i umozliwia ich pobieranie.
Mozemy rozroznic dwa typu czlonkostwa w tym przedsiewzieciu, sa te Premium ktore zaczynaja sie od 48-godzin
do ponad rocznego pakietu ktore kosztuja kilkanascie euro. Ale rowniez maja darmowe opcje pobierania plikow,
lecz wada tego rozwiazania jest bardzo wolna predkosc pobierania z ich serwerow.

Niestety tak wielki serwis jakim jest rapid, nie udostepnia swietnego narzedzia ktore usprawnilo by pobieranie
uzytkownika, lecz firma z Polski, wychodzi naprzeciw oczekiwania uzytwnika i tworzy narzedzie ktore nazywa sie
"wyszukiwarka plikow" , a jednoczesnie odnosi potezny sukces na rynku, poniewaz
uzytkownicy wiedza juz jak w kilka minut moga znalezc swoje ulubione pliki, bez zbednego szukania na warezach
czy innych smieciowych stronach internetowych. A co jest najlepsze narzedzie udostepnia rowniez sciaganie bez
limitu kazdego pliku, bez zbednego oczekiwania, i marnej predkosci pobierania. Narzedzie pozbawione jest wszelkiego
typu falszywych archiw, wirusow, trojanow, itd. Dlatego z taka wyszukiwarka plikow internetowych jestesmy w stanie
spac spokojnie i bez strchu o nasz komputer...

Nie pozostaje nic jak tylko zabrac sie za szukanie plikow.
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Цитата(Jamata @ Jun 8 2009, 12:18) *

Добрый Админ! Топик не работает (IMG:style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) !

Похоже что нет)
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celine luggage The pick of investments preferred Hermes Bags by numerous traders is in the region of real-estate. Consequently, purchasing 1 of those bags is much more than a style statement; it also an investment because it could improve in worth through the years to come.. Compartment space, can accommodate a number of out small things necessary.
celine boogie bags But what exactly is it that makes the Louis Vuitton bags so special?. Some groups were allowed to go to the Future World, where you created a house or a vehicle that will be in the future. He fights bravely and Jean Valjean joins in as well.
celine bags There are so many amazing deals when looking to pick used Louis Vuitton; the true challenge is knowing where to look. The founder of LVMH is Louis Vuitton that was born on August the 4th 1821 and perished on March 3rd 1892. It also opened its first global store in Shanghai.

As an example, manufacturers have to observe the real items carefully to get as much detail information as possible to be able to mirror them to great extent. The Damier Azur Speedy 30 is the smaller version of the keep all travel bag. http://bysisabels.webs.com/ A truly unique evening piece tops off this already exquisite line, made of striking mother-of-pearl and decorated with fabulous alternating shell, pink, and gray diagonal stripes. Maybe we will follow the fashion in the gossip girl, in which TV plays. http://celinehandbags2013shop.webs.com/ Customers rave about the range of offerings and also the affordable prices. Just don be too leisurely there only one of each bag, and when it gone, that it. http://2013cheaphermesshop.webs.com/ But would she let him? "To be honest, I'm working on another film straight after "Anna Karenina," which finishes after Christmas. You can find some Christian Louboutin shoes adding some red stripes, which make them become Christian Louboutin Maotic Ankle Boots.

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Cheap Hermes Bags For the design frontward girls it is the best that out there with its one of a kind superior of functions. It is a development procedure related to a product. Handbag are unable to modify day time.
Hermes Handbags Auto Show worth waiting in line for. Fashion python leather handbags and python leather wallets are the new trend design fro this week.. While using summer aren't able to pick the color hyun, or substantially messy sense.

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celine bags If you want to browse the internet, you will eventually encounter a Louis Vuitton site that offer different items from stylish handbags, trendy bags, gorgeous wallets, sneakers and clothes that are offered at a more affordable price.. The same substance, hardware, coating, buckskin shaping, framework as well as chrominance get them to stop advised out of your original series currently. The ExacTrax method capabilities 20 microphones regular, but that can be widened to some huge 96.
celine handbags In fact, you make payment for a bundle of money for junk. Los angeles logique de los angeles rgle peut conduire los angeles connaissance des exigences essentielles de scurit sur votre carte Visa ou Mastercard. Les gradins forment un cercle autour duquel tourne un couloir feutr de chambre d'htel.
celine luggage He makes sure they are properly cared for. the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development were able to subsidise school swimming programs it would be great, she says. Cazadores de Brujas.
celine boogie bags I can dress the T-shirt with my reduced skirt, jeans or trousers. all of the Prada Handbags offers you positively the complete enjoyable feeling. Avec des sacs main Louis Vuitton vous pouvez le faire.
celine outlet There are quite a few different colour options offered, and around the several years, the variety of resources selected to design and style the Kelly bag have also modified, giving the traditional design and style quite a few new variations. Because handbags used to keep women's frequently needed items, they are the must have of every lady when they go out. If you occur to discover a louis vuitton2 handbag 4marketed at a price which is low-cost it is manufactured from very poor quality products and are also marketed for 50 % the price a standard Vuitton bag is marketed for..

Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. Your vibrant material together with louis vuitton canada divine needlework cause it to difficult to get both hands out. http://isabels4yous.webs.com/ Actually, did you know that you can only buy one bag of one type of Vuitton per client? That statements about fantastic as well as the producer is interest to create sure that his customers only get the best. clients can hermers bags savor the gains. http://cheapcelinehandbagsonline.webs.com/ It can be actually surprisingly effortless for everybody to discover out if maybe the Celine handbags are without a doubt accurate or even not really by just taking a take a look at the actual equipment.. In the same year, Louis Vuitton introduced an alternative series of luggage. http://blackhermesbags.webs.com/ They are fond of collecting Birkin bags and make this as the symbol of their id and position. The handbags from the leading brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel and so on.

Hermes Outlet Called as the true Louis Vuitton classic, Louis Vuitton Alma bag was designed by the style guru Gaston Vuitton in the 1930's. Mozambique. Then making use of the silk cotton paintballs so this option, you'll be able to completely clean the actual rusted metal with Lv products.
Cheap Hermes Bags Bolivia. The classic briefcase is beautifully crafted out of Monogram canvas with fine leather trim. These products are an precise copy of the original designer bag, and only an professional would be in a position to differentiate among the two.
Hermes Handbags Then is the Bleu Infinite, a very deep blue color full of maturity and mystique. It's hard not to agree with this prognosis initially. Most of us found a thing a little distinct although entirely practical, which is precisely why I've come across these hand bags about every person.

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